You want your pages seen by real users, not by bots, spy tools or manual reviewers.

What We Do

What is

The idea is simple: show users an optimized landing page and give bots SEO optimized content stuffed with markov text, keywords etc.

Apart from bots & crawlers, also blocks bad traffic identified with: DataCenters, Hosting & VPS servers, virtual private networks (VPN), anonymous & private proxies, satellite providers, clouds IPs providers and many more.

We offer 3 installation methods, Wordpress integration with our adapted plugins, PHP integration and Javascript

Yes, just contact us by Skype so we can discuss your goals.

Of course, you can upgrade it whenever you want. It is very easy as it is done directly through your account. In case you want to upgrade your package mid-month, please contact our support.

Make your own

Increase conversions with advanced traffic protection

Easy to Use

Our dashboard is user-friendly so you don't need any technical skills. Our scripts integrate seamlessly with your site (WP/PHP/JS).

A.I Algorithm

Our tool is an algorithm which is able to learn from itself. It collects, scans and takes action on itself based on the traffic you receive.


You will be able to shield every single footprint to protect your campaigns. It is very useful for media buying or SEO.

Fast and Secure

All our infrastructure is hosted on Cloud service with Load Balancing. No downtime and fast as ever!

Supported networks

We provide fraud prevention solutions for most of the popular ad networks. Contact us directly for more information.

Work with your favorite Tracker

Our system allows you to keep track of your links. Use Voluum, FunnelFlux, Thrive or Redtrack without worrying!


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Simple plans, Simple prices. Only pay for what you really need.